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Automotive robotics

While automotive robotics is often associated with large robots, small and easy-to-integrate robots like Mecademic’s are increasingly popular in the production, inspection, and testing of automotive parts. Such robots have become the answer to the increasing needs for quality, capacity, and flexibility in automotive manufacturing processes. Discover why Mecademic’s reconfigurable robots accommodate today’s demand forproduct diversity, facilitate installation and operation of automation systems, and guarantee product consistency.

What are the benefits of automotive robotics from Mecademic?


To ensure end-user safety, infotainment systems require rigorous testing and inspection. A common challenge in the industry is accomplishing this with minimal downtime. Mecademic’s robots are easy to integrate using any PC or PLC. They also require no maintenance and are quick and easy to swap. Unlike automated testing machines that tend to be big, bulky, and expensive, Mecademic robots aretiny, affordable, and can be mounted in multiple orientations. Multiple robots can collaborate within the smallest work cells, or even inside the car body. Such cells can be easily replicated for maximum testing output. Commission the robots to perform hardware and software test cycles fortouch-screen test radio networks, bluetooth-smartphone connectivity, seat controls, and more. Simply integrate them with any high-resolution cameras of your choice as well as end-effectors that simulate multi-touch gestures.

Improve production output and part-to-part repeatability

Since many automotive applications run 24/7, inconsistency in an automation system’s performance or human error can lower throughput. Even the smallest issue can hamper a production line. Mecademic’s precise robots minimize such issues by creatingconsistent cycle times and processes. Due to their 5 micrometer repeatability, they reduce part-to-part variability, deliveringflawless results with each cycle. To maximize accuracy, pair them with a vision system. This lets them detect variations in materials and adapt their motions accordingly. Unlike manual processes, Mecademic robots canrun 24 hours a day with zero maintenance, securing additional production output.

以最小的自动化低容量&改变任务financial risk

Robots in automotive manufacturing must be able to adapt to the industry’s low annual production volumes and high mix of products. This industry requires automation solutions that arereconfigurable to frequently changing tasks, life cycles, and new part programs. Unlike other solutions that need to be scrapped or redesigned each time production changes, Mecademic robots areeasily redeployable at little to no cost. Our robots areplug and playcomponents, working seamlessly with multiple industrial fieldbus protocols (EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT) and programming technologies (C#, LabView, and more) out of the box. They aresimple to integrate with existing automation platforms, infrastructure, equipment, and MES systems. Pair the robots with flexible tool changers to further facilitate switching from task to task, as well as vision systems to process a variety of parts.

Common applications of Mecademic robots in automotive manufacturing

Infotainment panel testing

Their compact form factor, ease of integration, and flexibility makes Mecademic robots an ideal and cost-effective automation solution for testing and inspection. The robots are an especially good fit for applications featuring frequent product changeovers.

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Functional testing in environmental chambers

Switches and push buttons meant to be used in automotives are subjected to intense functional testing, often featuring millions of cycles at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +85℃. Such repeatable testing requires highly flexible automation solutions.

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