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Medical Device Manufacturing Automation

Looking toimprove the quality of your product, as well asmaximize consistency,吞吐量,以及制造灵活性? Mecademic robot arms are an affordable andultra-precisesolution for achieving these medical device manufacturing automation and packaging goals. Learn more on how Mecademic robots can help medical device OEMs better comply with market demand while conforming to regulatory requirements.



在熟悉的过程中,我们的目标是帮助医疗设备OEM实现more flexibility in process design。我们的robots are ideal for products withFR.equently changing designs or batch sizesFixed automation or traditional robotic solutions often require expensive hardware and software modifications to adapt to product and process changes. It is common for completely new systems to be designed any time product changes are introduced. In order to comply with evolving industry standards and minimize costs, more medical device manufacturers are turning toflexible automation solutionslike Mecademic.

With their tiny footprint and ability to be mounted in any orientation,我们的机器人可以适合任何工作单元格。They are容易与其他与集成和接口nt, making it possible to重新配置automation systems and quickly adapt to changing products, processes, and industry regulations. Our robots make it easy to通过相同的系统处理不同的产品, producing a higher mix of products without significant changeover.

Minimize production costs

Manufacturers face pressure from both customers and competitors to reduce production costs while simultaneously maximizing throughput. Mecademic robots tackle these challenges in a number of ways. First, our robots减少集成时间,开发时间和员工培训成本。They offer the flexibility towork with multiple industrial fieldbus protocols out of the box

Second, our robots are easily重新配置to changing products and batch sizes, which最大限度地减少制造成本并在整个方面提升。Unlike with traditional fixed-batch systems, automating with Mecademic gives manufacturers more flexibility toincrease production without additional training, labour, or development costs

Third, our robots havelow overall integration costs。In addition to their affordable initial price, they requireno additional expenses, no maintenance fees, no licensing fees, and no training courses。它们具有免费固件更新,不需要软件安装。

Reach higher product quality and consistency

In addition to lowering costs, we strive to help you build better products.Mexademic机器人武器是市场上最精确的, featuring a repeatability of 5 micrometers. By creating repeatable and accurate processes, Mecademic robots help OEMsadhere to strict product quality standards and ensure consistency。Using robotic medical device manufacturing solutions like Mecademic willimprove product accuracy, calibration, traceability, and testing通过用机器人自动化更换手动微调,消除了微调人为错误的风险。

Optimize cleanroom infrastructure with a compact robot footprint

Cleanrooms come with significantly more capital and operating expenses than standard manufacturing sites. With their small footprint, our robots optimize the use of these expensive floor spaces. Most robotic solutions on the market take up a lot of space to accommodate their controllers, teach pendants, cables, and other equipment. Mecademic robots aretinyand featurebuilt-in controllers。他们有no teach pendants or messy cables, and can be mounted in any orientation.This lets OEMsintegrate multiple robots into even the smallest of cells


Cleanroom compliant automation devices are expensive solutions. Most cleanroom robots and other automation components add to the already expensive capital expenses for cleanroom infrastructure. Luckily, Mecademic robots enable OEMs toachieve cleanroom compliance at lower costs。They are clean by design and are suitable for ISO 5 or higher cleanrooms. OurMeca500免于颗粒发电机或带,具有永久密封和润滑的减速器。


Assembly & packaging

Precision assembly of microcomponents is a key application of our robots. Their precision and form factor make them a natural fit for working with tiny components. Watch this example fromBego,谁利用我们的机器人进行柔性装配和牙种植体包装。

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Laser marking

我们的机器人经常用于医疗器械激光标记应用,它们与从支架到起搏器的产品一起使用。提供六程度的自由和灵活的设备定位,我们Meca 500is perfect for such applications.


The Meca500 is commonly used in automated medical device manufacturing applications involving dispensing sealants over complex and precise trajectories. Its extreme precision makes for a more consistent and reliable dispensing system.

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期待精确检查医疗设备组件吗?我们的Meca 500can be easily integrated as a component to load and unload parts into an inspection machine or inspect, characterize, and calibrate sensors.

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Laser soldering of leads to sensitive electronics

激光线焊接是一个利基应用Meca500is a go-to solution. Its precision, compact size, and flexibility to be mounted in any orientation makes it ideal for soldering the leads of sensitive electronics.