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Robotics in Aerospace Automation

寻找一个highly precise automation solution toincrease output and reduce costs? Mecademic’s robot arms help aerospace manufacturers and researchers achieve these goals and more. In an industry where programs can take decades to develop, Mecademic helpslower costs-per-part and improve lead timesfor both short and long term ROI. Discover oursmall and easy to use automation componentsand learn more about Mecademic robotics in aerospace automation.

What are the benefits of Mecademic robotics in aerospace automation?

High precision inspection, testing, and micromanipulation

The aerospace robotics industry calls for extreme precision to meet strict tolerance requirements, safety standards, and micromanipulation needs.Mecademic’s aerospace clients, ranging fromNASA’s Johnson Space Centreto rocket manufacturing industry leaders, benefit from unmatched precisionwhen automating with ourMeca500 robot arm. The robot is commonly commissioned to assemble delicate aerospace electronics, perform quality inspections and testing, precision-machine small components, and even micro-manipulate extraterrestrial materials. With its 5µmrepeatability, the robot guarantees thateach task is performed reliably, identically, and at the same rate. Equip the robots withvision systemsand sensors for added precision at high work rates.

Increased throughput at minimal automation costs

In an industry with expensive equipment, high costs, and significant financial risk, keeping costs leveled is a priority for our aerospace clients. Automating with Mecademic creates positive cash flow andshortens lengthy manufacturing and testing processes. Compared with other automation solutions, our robots needsignificantly shorter integration time, development, and training. The robots areeasy to reconfigureto different tasks, giving more flexibility to create multiple workstations without additional costs. Since the robots guarantee consistent quality across products and tasks, theylower the scrap rate, preventing costs of rework. With theirreduced down-time and high-output design, our robots ensure higher production speeds without compromising precision.

Common applications in aerospace robotics

Ultrasonic NDT and inspection

Mecademic robots are often used for inspecting and testing small engine parts and avionics systems. They can be easily integrated with other equipment and software fornon-destructive ultrasonic inspection. Pair the robots with avision systemor 3D scanning technology to ensure nothing gets overlooked in dimensional checks.

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Micromanipulation in confined spaces

Aerospace robotics is ideal for inspecting parts inside non contact inspection such as Tomography. Our robots’ small size and precision make them especially well suited to manipulate small parts in confined spaces. Their ability to be mounted in any orientation lets them access such spaces from multiple positions.

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Connector assembly

Connectors for aerospace and defense are subjected to stringent MIL standard requirements. The operation-critical signal integrity can only be achieved by assembling the connectors with extreme levels of precision. With their 5 micrometer repeatability, Mecademic robots are ideal for such operations. They can precisely assemble tiny interconnected pins in high-density connectors, achieving consistent reliability from part-to-part.

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Laser marking

Components manufactured for the aerospace industry often need to be marked for traceability. Mecademic robots add more flexibility to laser marking processes. They can be integrated inside laser marking machines for manipulating parts for marking or used as machine tending automation systems which offer increased autonomy in the process while reducing human errors and exposure for the employees to the hazards associated with laser systems.

Precision-machining small components

Maintenance-free operation, easy programming, and precision are some of the reasons our clients choose to automate machining with Mecademic. Easy set-up means that line change-overs can be done quickly and without additional costs. Mecademic robots are often used inlights out factoriesto take advantage of nights and weekends for maximum efficiency. Watch this example of theMeca500 in a machining application, wearing aprotective cover像HoroBot B500 HoroSys。

Automated kitting, picking, and fastener sorting

寻找一个solution to transfer, pick and place, or perform sorting of nuts, bolts, or washers?Ease of integration, small size, and precision are just a few factors that make the Meca500 robot ideal for such tasks. Pair it with a vision system to automate the handling of large amounts of irregular SKUs, which would otherwise require massive labor efforts and costs. Watch thisbin-picking examplefeaturing Solomon, in an application designed for a Europe-based aerospace manufacturer.

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Fiber optic alignment

Precision is priority when it comes to working with fiber optic alignment of sensors. Our Meca500 robot has a movement resolution of 1µmin linear displacements, and 0.001° in angular displacements, offering reliable positioning for applications with no room for error.

Sealing and dispensing

我们的机器人commonly employed to apply sealants and dispense adhesives and other materials. Their high repeatability reduces the amount of sealant wasted in production.

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